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Our Story

CEO & Founder, Zachary Oshinbanjo, brings a unique background to Vetelligence, with prior service in the United States Army. Following his military career, he encountered significant difficulties and persistent frustration when attempting to transition into the civilian workforce. Confronted with an arduous and inefficient job application process that seemed to yield limited results, Zachary's determination grew. After persevering through months of repetitive applications, he recognized the need for a better solution. Driven by a vision to enhance the employment prospects for veterans, Zachary proactively sought guidance from the Department of Labor and Veteran Affairs before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.

Our platform is strategically crafted to eliminate obstacles, unlock opportunities, and foster meaningful connections. As the landscape of talent acquisition continues to evolve, we possess the tools and expertise to empower employers in making data-driven hiring decisions. You don't have to be a recruiting expert to envision a revamped hiring process; all you need is a genuine commitment to enhancing the experience for all involved parties.

Group 739


To ensure the employment and service of military members after service.

Zachary Oshinbanjo


Use Cases



Approaching ETS

We begin working with service members up to 18 months before discharge so that by the time you separate you are in a better position for employment.

Recently Separated

Exited the service already? That’s fine. After completing your intake, we will work on your placement just the same.

Currently Discharged

Looking to find something new or having difficulty? We will work with you to find a rewarding and meaningful opportunity.



Increased Hiring Need

Business expanding and need extra support? We work with employers to ensure that staffing needs are met.

Specialized Experience

Require experience not typical available in the civilian world? We have highly trained and proficient service members looking to continue utilizing their unique skills.




We enable recruiters to utilize our platform directly in order to make their own placements. Our unique platform will greatly increase your veteran placement capabilities.

Qualified Applicants

Our repository of talent is vasts and can meet most if not all of your placement needs.

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