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About Us

Our Founder, Zachary, served in the United States Army infantry, which included a deployment to Afghanistan. Upon exiting the military, he experienced a challenging and frustrating job application process to enter the workforce. After filling out over 350 applications and facing the same inefficient and ineffective process over and over for months at a time, the idea of what would become Vetelligence was born.

Our AI/ML platform is engineered to remove barriers, create opportunities and forge relationships. Unfortunately, many AI companies have benefited from the perception that they’ve built sophisticated automation and A.I., rather than a system that relies on manual labor. The landscape for sourcing top talent has evolved to which we are equipped to assist employers with the data backed hiring. You don’t need to be a recruiting expert to reimagine the hiring process - just someone who cares about who is coming in the door.

Products and services can be complex - hiring new personnel doesn’t need to be. Simply put - we vet the vets so you can focus on your business.

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We believe that veterans should be granted the opportunity to fairly compete for employment in the civilian workforce. Relationships need to be nourished with employers and recruiters to maintain a steady pipeline. We believe our cause to be noble and for the greater good of the United States of America.

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Zachary Oshinbanjo

(CEO & Founder)

Use Cases



Approaching ETS

We begin working with service members on their engram up to 1 year before discharge so that by the time you separate you are in a better positions for employment.

Recently Separated

Exited the service already? That’s fine. After completing your intake, we will prioritize your placement.

Currently Discharged

Looking to find something new or having difficulty? We will work with you to find a rewarding and meaningful opportunity.



Increased Hiring Need

Business expanding and need extra support? We work with employers to ensure that staffing needs are met.

Specialized Experience

Require experience not typical available in the civilian world? We have highly trained and proficient service members looking to continue utilizing their unique skills.




We enable recruiters to utilize our platform directly in order to make their own placements. Our unique platform will greatly increase your veteran placement capabilities.

Qualified Applicants

Our repository of talent is vasts and can meet most if not all of your placement needs.

Ready to get started

Please indicate your status as either a veteran or employer/recruiter.