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Most platforms are designed around the job seeker’s experience, we are focused on the employer experience to the benefit of the service member. We strategically cater to one end of our market and the other gets to reap the benefits of that synergy. In the end, employers/recruiters are granted access to a highly capable, driven and self motivated workforce. 



We utilize our partner channels, affiliations and network to find the best candidates for the job. These candidates have completed their journey through the military and are ready to provide value to your organization.


How does a “Crew Gunner” provide value in an office? Or on an assembly line? What skills will a veteran bring into the fold? We translate skill sets and paint a clear picture for you.



After verifying we have the right service member for your organization - we provide you with a selection of candidates, each primed to bring value to your business.

Kansas City Business Owner

Kansas City ranks in the top 10 for cities for veterans after discharge. Let’s help to keep it that way.

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